GraBaTs 2008

4th International Workshop on Graph-Based Tools: The Contest

12-13 September 2008, Leicester, UK

Satellite workshop to ICGT 2008
September 7 - 13, 2008, Leicester, UK

NEW (24/09/2008) List of Winning Solutions announced on the GraBaTs 2008 Awards page.

Aims and scope

This workshop is the fourth in a series that serves as a forum for researchers and practitioners interested in the development and application of graph-based tools. In contrast to earlier instances, however, this year the workshop is organised in the form of a contest, following the quite successful tool contest session held in conjunction with the AGTIVE 2007 workshop. We are planning a combination of submitted solutions to a pre-defined set of problems, with a "live contest session". That is, the workshop will feature a session where contenders may use their tool of choice to model a problem that is handed out at the beginning of the day. In addition there will be presentation sessions in the afternoon, where both the submitted solutions to the predefined problem and the live solutions will be presented.


  1. Phase 1: Call for Cases
  2. Phase 2: Case solution submission
  3. Phase 3: Workshop and live contest


For the 2008 contest we have selected three cases of different size and nature, and with different challenges: Submissions of solutions at

Important Dates

May 5, 2008 Call for cases
May 20, 2008 Case submission deadline
June 11, 2008 Call for solutions
July 14, 2008 Solution submission deadline (extended from july 11)
July 21, 2008 Notification for solutions
September 12-13, 2008 Workshop

Case Committee



Tom Staijen (Email: staijen(at)