[logo MODELS'2008] [logo OCL'2008] Toulouse, France. September 30, 2008
ACM/IEEE 11th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems

Welcome to the 8th OCL Workshop at the UML/MoDELS Conferences

OCL Concepts and Tools:

From Implementation to Evaluation and Comparison

In recent years, MDA and associated MDE methodologies, approaches and languages (like QVT) emphasized the role that OCL has to play in MDE development. Moreover, the modeling community is continuously pushing forward the OCL, far beyond its initial requirements as a precise modeling language complementing UML specifications. Now, OCL is used in quite different applications domains (e.g., domain-specific languages, web semantics) and for various purposes (e.g., model verification and validation, code-generation, test-driven development, transformations). To be successful, all these new OCL applications, extensions and usages require new OCL tools that support them.

This workshop aims to look specifically at how to develop, apply, evaluate and compare all kinds of OCL-related tools. The workshop will bring together OCL practitioners and OCL tool builders (from both academy and industry) in order to evaluate today’s state-of-the-practice.In particular, the workshop will focus the discussion on how to evaluate, compare and select the right OCL tools for a given purpose, how to deal with the expressiveness and complexity of the language and how to tackle its ambiguous or underdefined issues from a practical point of view. The workshop is also interested in disputing about new OCL tools and about patterns, libraries, or algorithms that may facilitate its development and reuse. In addition, all other aspects that may facilitate a wider adoption and support of OCL or its usability are also welcome.As a result of the workshop, we expect to consolidate and expand the role of OCL among the modeling community by creating a road map for research and development that could potentially drive the building of a new generation of OCL tools.

Community Building

Previous editions of the workshop have successfully led to new collaborations between researchers in the OCL community. One of the outcomes of previous editions of the workshop is the OCL portal, a web site collecting all information related to OCL.