MoTMoT :: What

  Model driven, Template based, Model Transformer
MoTMoT stands for Model driven, Template based, Model Transformer. It is a compiler from visual model transformations to repository manipulation code. The compiler takes models conforming to a UML profile for Story Driven Modeling (SDM) as input and outputs JMI code.

Since the MoTMoT code generator is built using AndroMDA, adding support for other repository platforms (like EMF) consists of adding a new set of code templates (written in the template language of Velocity, Freemarker, ...).

Transformations are stored as standard UML 1.4 (profile) models in the NetBeans MetaData Repository (MDR) to leverage its strong XMI import/export facilities.


December, 2007: Added automatic installation script for the UML2CSP sample.

Monday, Sept. 17th 2007: New sample online: UML2CSP.

Thursday, Jun. 8th 2006: Release of MoTMoT 1.2

Monday, Jan. 23rd 2006: first FLOWER workshop, with special focus on MoTMoT, organized at the University of Antwerp.

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