MoTMoT :: Who

  Model driven, Template based, Model Transformer
MoTMoT is the result of the ongoing work on visual model transformation by Pieter Van Gorp, Hans Schippers and Olaf Muliawan from FOTS at the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

This work has been partially sponsored by the European research training network "Syntactic and Semantic Integration of Visual Modelling Techniques (SegraVis)". Other sponsoring was provided by the Belgian national fund for scientific research (FWO) under grants "Foundations of Software Evolution" and "A Formal Foundation for Software Refactoring".

Known Uses

Pieter Van Gorp uses MoTMoT in the context of model refinement while Bart Du Bois uses it to implement metrics in the context of Java refactorings. Tom Mens used MoTMoT in his GTTSE tutorial on model refactoring. The tutorial on UML profile transformations appears to be used in a software architecture course at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg.

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