MoTMoT :: Why

  Model driven, Template based, Model Transformer
Logo MDE by J.M. Favre Model transformation is a key technology in Model Driven Engineering (MDE). In fact, since model transformations should be first class entities in MDE tools, they should be considered as models themselves. Such reflective MDE tools make it possible to visualize, analyze and transform model transformations themselves.
MDA logo by OMG In the context of OMG's Model Driven Architecture (MDA), it seemed promising to use (parts of the) UML as a visual modeling language for model transformations. After using the Fujaba tool to experiment how UML based graph rewriting could be used to implement refactorings, the technique was decoupled from a particular UML tool by building MoTMoT.

Click here for an overview of MoTMoT and MDA in general.

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