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Formal Support for the Transformation of Software Models

Context, Problem Statement:
A typical characteristic of the software lifecycle is a gradual evolution from abstract, declarative models to concrete, computational ones. One of the major problems in the development of software systems is a lack of adequate support for evolution, i.e. evolution throughout the lifecycle as well as evolution in time. Consecutive models are hardly related, so that in practice various phases of the development cycle are only marginally or not at all worked out. Moreover, a modification of a software system often requires manual changes to all of the models in the consecutive phases. Therefore, in practice, modifications are often carried through only at the lowest levels and not documented properly. This results in so-called legacy systems, that embody complex functionality, but have lost their overall structure, making it impossible to maintain them in a cost-efficient way.

I. Project Description

This FWO project aims to deliver formalisms, models and tool prototypes for managing software evolution in the vertical (lifecycle) and horizontal (time) dimension.

>>> Environment

LORE and FOTS are research groups applying expertise from reverse engineering, object-oriented metamodeling and graph transformation in the area of software evolution. In this project, the University of Antwerp collaborates with two research group from the University of Leuven: SOM and DISTRINET. These groups supply their expertise in conceptual modeling and middleware. All four groups will work on common case studies and align their theories (graph transformation, design by contract, ...) and tools (MoTMoT, EROOS, ...).

>>> Research Topics

From 2005 until 2009, two PhD researchers (Olaf Muliawan and Anne Keller) will be supported by an enthousiastic team and network to work on a thesis covering the following topics:
  1. Languages and Language Profiles
    1. Behavioral modeling languages (live sequence charts, statecharts, action semantics, design by contract, ...)
    2. Platform models (distribution, persistence, access control and transaction semantics)
  2. Transformations
    1. Stepwise vertical transformation (modularization, parameterization, reuse, specialization, ...)
    2. Propagation of horizontal transformations throughout vertically related models
    3. Theoretical support for new traceability techniques in models of computation such as petri-nets, process algebras and graph rewriting systems

II. Deliverables

>>> Meeting Minutes

  1. Verslag 09.05.2005 (PDF)

>>> Presentations

  1. Wouter Joosen - An application case study in the Financial Services Industry (Meeting Antwerpen, 01.2005)
  2. Pieter Van Gorp - ‘‘Write Once, Deploy N’’ a Performance Oriented MDA Case Study (Meeting Antwerpen, 01.2005)
  3. Hans Schippers - Generating JMI model transformation code from UML profile models for SDM (Meeting Antwerpen 01.2005)
  4. Geert Delanote - Abstraheren van Modellen (PDF, Meeting Leuven 07.03.2005, in Dutch)
  5. Pieter Van Gorp - SDM Transformatie van Method Classes (PDF, Meeting Antwerpen 09.05.05, in Dutch)
  6. Olaf Muliawan - Presentatie MoTMoT (PDF, Meeting Leuven 10.03.05, in Dutch)
  7. Olaf Muliawan - Implementatie #-operator (PDF, Meeting Leuven 11.14.05, in Dutch)
  8. Olaf Muliawan - Presentation SDM (PDF, Meeting Antwerpen 05.03.06, in English)
  9. Olaf Muliawan - Implementatie #-operator (PDF, Meeting Leuven 05.03.06, in Dutch)
  10. Geert Delanote - Nieuwe abstraherende concepten (PDF, Meeting 29.06.06, in Dutch)
  11. Olaf Muliawan - Evaluatie abstraherende concepten (PDF, Meeting Leuven 14.09.06, in Dutch)

>>> Project Mailing List

Feel free to send your questions and/or feedback to fwo_mde at mail.win.ua.ac.be.

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