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Master Studies
After my secundary studies (mathematics - languages) at the SJB college in Mol, I started my master studies of computer science at the RUCA in Wilrijk, Antwerp. In july 2002, I graduated at the UIA with the following degrees:
1st KAN Distinction
2nd KAN Distinction
1st LIC Great Distinction
2nd LIC Great Distinction
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Past Projects
I was involved in the following projects:
J2EE Thesis
Study of an Application Server
Emphasis on technology and product evaluation
J2EE Eenloketsysteem
Workflow- and document- management system for "Vlaamse Gemeenschap departement Welzijn, Volksgezondheid en Cultuur"
(Projectteam 2 persons)
Emphasis on requirement analysis, business process modelling and prototyping
OCL Formal Specification of a Meeting Scheduler - Software Specification Techniques - Assignment - Solution (Dutch, Extra UML)
Emphasis on UML and requirement analysis
J2SE Servlet, JSP, RMI, Sockets, JDBC Text Editor
(Projectteam 4 persons)
Emphasis on distributed computing
J2SE Implementation of a Parallel Genetic Algorithm
Emphasis on Parallel Programming
C++ CGI Text Editor
(Projectteam 4 persons)
Emphasis on UML and internet
C++ Email application
Emphasis on object orientation
C++ Oberon Compiler
Emphasis on compiler design and compiler tools (flex & yacc)
Oberon Hotel Management System
HTML, Javascript, Flash Website Shoe Store Jos Daems
Emphasis on grafX
Security Browser Exploit via Java Applet
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