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Teaching Overview

FOTS Courses
I am responsible for the practical sessions for a number of courses from the bachelor and master curriculum computer science / software engineering at the University of Antwerp.
  • Programming Paradigms is a BACH2-SEM2 course on logical and functional programming. Together with my collegue Hans Schippers I'm responsible for 7 Haskell sessions of 2 hours and a series of PROLOG sessions.
  • Formal Techniques is a BACH3-SEM2 course on Petri-Nets and Model Driven Engineering based on the ATOM3 tool. Together with my collegue Hans Schippers I'm responsible for 7 ATOM3 sessions of 1.5 hours. This course has been presented on the Educators' Symposium of the 10th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems and has triggered an ongoing collaboration with several international universities (McGill at Montreal, Victoria at Wellington and Universidad Autonoma de Madrid).
  • Modeling and Transformation in Software Development is a MA1-SEM1 course on Life Sequence Charts, Model Checking (Promela, CSP) and Model Transformation (using MoTMoT and alternatives).
  • Algoritmen en complexiteit is a BACH2-SEM2 course on computing the space and time complexity of algorithms. Each week, students solve a list of exercises in groups of 3 persons. Students can give their solution to me in order to get personal feedback. After one or two weeks, the solutions are presented on the blackboard, either by myself or a student with a reasonable solution. The practicum takes 15 official contact hours.
  • Talen en compilers brings the theory and practice of compiler construction to graduate students. Students can ask questions via e-mail. I will answer them anonymously via BlackBoard. The practicum takes 30 official contact hours.
  • Talen en correctheid "was" a KAN2-SEM2 course on Petri Nets (firing sequences, processes), operational semantics, correctness assertions, partial and total correctness, proof systems, link to formal logics, parallellism (shared variables, synchronization, message-passing). The practicum took 15 official contact hours.
  • Concurrente systemen was a LIC2-SEM1 course on concurrent algorithms. Please refer to Prof. Janssens for more information about this course.
  • Model Driven Architecture: Why, Where, How, What and When? is an introduction to MDA that I presented to bachelor students of the KdG school, within a series of software engineering talks. The presentation is based on a talk I have once given to the PROG lab at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
Project Coaching
I am following up the progress of a one year programming assignment and the thesis of master students informatics. This involves evaluating technical aspects, evaluation of project plans, and last but not least motivating.

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