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Past Programming Projects


  • Diamond Stock Server. Brik Van Slambrouck developed a server application for managing diamond inventories. Users can execute management operations as well as doing reviews and evaluations, depending on their rights. Evaluations can be generated automatically by using the latest rapaport list (global diamond reference prices). One of the client's further requests is a user-friendly Pocket PC application that can connect with the server, receive the latest inventories and save them for further off-line use. The server application will run on Enterprise JavaBeans Technology. AndroMDA will be used to generate as much as desirable.
  • Ontwikkeling van een mobiele kassa voor de HORECA - Alperen Unlu. The aim of this project is to develop a cashier application for a handheld device. The application is to be used by a pub.
  • Development of a Model Driven Web Application. Olaf Muliawan used an MDA tool to generate a web application. It is still possible that other students do the same project with another tool or for another application. What tool could be used? The tool could be open source (e.g. AndroMDA) or commercial (e.g. OptimalJ or ArcStyler). What application could be generated? The student could propose an e-Commerce or e-Government application himself. Olaf generated the Java Pet Store (JPS) sample application. This is a very interesting case study for web application design, usability and performance as JPS has already been ported to BEA WebLogic, Oracle and IBM optimized J2EE code, .NET and Coldfusion. There's also a manually written J2EE implementation that maximally reuses open source components. It claims to require only 2692 lines (count by iBatis) of code instead of the original 14273 lines of code (last count by Sygel). I don't know whether or not both are counting the same software artifacts (sources, deployment descriptors, build files, ...), so this should be further investigated... Moreover, JPS/J2EE has already been generated with xDoclet, MiddleGen and WMEE. Finally, there's even a generated .NET implementation...
    Evaluating Olaf's performance, he did a very good job in testing his generated JPS implementation. More specifically, he used JMeter and HttpUnit to demonstrate that his application implemented the same functionality as the original implementation from Sun.


  • Schippers Hans - Application & Extension of a Workflow Engine. Hans has reengineered a web application. My contribution was to help Hans select the appropriate technologies (J2EE APIs) and tools (UML2EJB et al.). I was also taking in the role of the customer as I originally developed the web application prototype.
  • Van Wassenhove Diederik - Online verkoop abonnementen: Omnipas. The initial assignment of Diederik was to implement a prototype of an online member ticket system using the Fast Forward framework. However, as this framework was made obsolete, Diederik decided to reengineer a part of an existing web application to use the Struts framework. My contribution was to give advice on J2EE patterns and to assist in tool selection (e.g. HttpUnit, StrutsTestCase, ...).

FOTS - Universiteit Antwerpen - 2006